GoEdit - Edit Attachments directly on the Wiki

GoEdit - Edit Attachments directly on the Wiki

Save time, simplify workflows and increase the acceptance of your wiki. The direct desktop integration GoEdit allows you to open, edit and save any attachment from Drupal Wiki directly with your preferred desktop application.

Direct editing of every file type

GoEdit lets you open and edit every attached file in Drupal Wiki directly with your desktop application. Just click the GoEdit Button and the file is opened directly in your desktop application. After editing and saving, the updated file will be uploaded to the wiki automatically. It will be available for everybody and all changes are recorded in the version history of the attachment.

Works for every appplication, in every browser, on every operating system

GoEdit works seemlessly with every application on your desktop machine, supports all major web-browsers and platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).

Save time, avoid redundant copies and increase acceptance

Opening files directly lets you skip unnecessary actions and you can start editing the file after a few clicks only. This saves a lot of time and you have the possibillity to use familiar desktop applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop or AutoCad. By saving the file on the wiki you furthermore avoid redundant copies and make sure that all your colleagues can access always the latest version. This simplifies your workflows and increases the acceptance of your wiki.

Combine a fileserver with the advantages of a wiki

By saving your files on a wiki a complete version history of every file is recorded. That means every new revision of a file is saved separately, can be viewed or restored and no data gets lost. In addition to that, every document that is edited is locked for other users, two or more users can't edit a document at the same time. And above all GoEdit for Drupal Wiki integrates all rights and permissions of the wiki without any difficulties.


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